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  • 2018

    For our 30th wedding anniversary, we got his and hers lightweight rowing shells. They are different colors; but have the same twill pattern in the carbon fiber as our double. Very stylish in addition to being light and fast! We love having our own fleet. Having boats that fit has really added to the enjoyment […]

  • 2017

    Our daughter got engaged to be married! Her husband-to-be is a great guy and will great addition to the family. The wedding is scheduled for early 2018 so we are already busy planning the ceremony and reception. Since is going to be a destination wedding, she held a pre-reception/party this summer for friends who would […]

  • 2016

    We purchased a brand new “smart” vehicle as we continue to replace and upgraded things that were neglected during our many years of putting kids through high school and college. Our new SUV has among other things: multiple cameras that provide a virtual panoramic view from above the vehicle, forward and blind spot collision avoidance, […]

  • Welcome

    We are a happily married couple who met at college in 1983 and are glad we stayed together! To count our many blessings, we’ve put together this pictorial diary of each year in our lives as a couple—and we plan to keep going for many more years!

  • 2015

    After last year’s dog debacle sidetracked us for a while, we finally got around to living the bourgeois life of no more tuition payments. This was our third season of rowing, and we expected to stick with it; so a lightly used double scull was our first purchase of something fun just for us. Much […]

  • 2014

    Our daughter graduated in four years while playing soccer. Pretty good! Then she came home and somehow talked us into buying her the puppy she’d always wanted—not our finest moment. She had plans to move out in a week, but that did not happen; so what had been our quiet empty-nest house suddenly got much […]

  • 2013

    We joined a rowing club this year and, after a Learn-to-Row course in the spring, rowed regularly in one of the club’s double sculls. Rowing is great exercise, and there’s plenty of wildlife along the river, such as herons and beavers. The only drawback is that rowing can cause blisters, especially if the oars are […]

  • 2012

    Because our daughter was making good progress in her nursing program and needed a reliable late-model vehicle to get to her clinicals (all those years of gallivanting in the Intrigue having taken their toll on it), we gave her the 2007 Acadia and bought the upgraded model, a 2012 Acadia Denali. Then we decided that […]

  • 2011

    One of the advantages of traveling to all those college soccer games was that sometimes they were scheduled in balmy vacation spots. Florida in October generally is a lot more comfortable than Ohio! Our son outdid us in the warm-weather department in 2012, though, when he left for a semester abroad in Brazil in early […]

  • 2010

    With both kids away at college in other cities, our house became very quiet! Although we still spent a lot of time on the road because our daughter had a soccer scholarship, we knew that the days of watching her play wouldn’t last forever.