With both our kids in high school, going to all their athletic events kept us very busy! Our daughter played soccer, while our son was on both the cross-country running team and the wrestling team. Lots of trophies and memories!


This year marked the 20th anniversary of our engagement in December 1985, commemorated with an anniversary ring. It’s an ongoing reminder that staying together so long is an accomplishment that deserves to be celebrated!


Once we got back in shape, we had fun running in road races. The crowds and cheering onlookers made things exciting, even though we were nowhere near the frontrunners. We ran the half-marathon at the Cincinnati Flying Pig regularly for several years.


Mortgage rates dropped a lot this year, which allowed us to refinance and get a swimming pool built for our second summer in the new house. After that, we never minded the hottest days, as they were just right for relaxing on pool floats and enjoying the sun!


Soon after we got settled into our new house, we started running regularly to stay healthy. Truth be told, we had gotten out of shape more than we realized, and it was a bit of a struggle at first! It wasn’t long, though, before we built up some endurance and were doing much better.


After spending two summers looking at both existing houses and new subdivisions, we finally settled on a house plan and a builder. Work got underway in October, with a planned completion date in the spring, just in time to move into our new house when school let out for the summer.


When our daughter started playing soccer, she also tried to keep up with her gymnastics classes. That got to be too much for her, though, and she ended up focusing entirely on soccer. Although it’s good that the modern world has so many activities to choose from, there is still only so much time available!


There was a lot of doomsday talk about the “Y2K bug,” but what it really amounted to was a lot of overtime work for software professionals fixing antiquated code to handle dates after 2000. With some savings built up, we started to think about our next house.


Our rusty but still functional 1986 Cavalier finally bit the dust when someone ran into it at an intersection, so we went shopping for a new car. We had in mind a light blue Intrigue, but a test drive revealed that its brakes had problems, so we ended up buying a silver one instead. The dealer gave us an upgraded sound system for the same price to make up for the inconvenience.


Although we mostly felt comfortable in our starter house, one of its drawbacks was a lack of storage space. A tool chest as a Father’s Day gift remedied some of the problem. Adding a second piece on top made more room as the tool collection expanded. It has been very useful over the years!